Coventry City announce new memorial garden for Jimmy Hill

by Thomas Makitalo2nd April 2016
A new bigger memorial garden will be created for the ex-Coventry City manager and chairmain outside the Rocho Arena.

Hill died back in december 2015 at age 87. He played for Brentford and Fulham from 1949-1961 an then was Convetry Citys manager from 1961-67. He have also worked as the charirman at the club.

The new memorial garden will open to the public on Saturday 30 April 2016 before the home game against Sheffield United.

– This is the last journey – I’m sure we will have a lot of people wanting to pay their respects to Jimmy, said former city chairman Joe Elliot to BBC.

The new memoial garden will be twice the size of the existing one that was created ten years ago.

Dont miss the video below, The Fotboall Manager aka Jimmy Hill from 1962.